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METZGER electronic

95 % of all vehicles from the actual fleet of vehicles are featured with electronic help facilities. In a medium-sized vehicle approx. 130 sensors are assembled per model; for example for help facilities like ABS, ASR, ESP, navigation and motor management.

Through the high market coverage with more than 7000 items and the unique mixture of OE- and certified aftermarket products we are reaching our special market position.

Our extensive range is covering almost the whole vehicle electronic, for example: ignition coils, air mass meters, EGR valves, ABS sensors, motor sensors, switches and more.

  • Additional Water Pumps

  • Air Mass Sensors

  • Alternator Regulators

  • Ballast, gas discharge lamps

  • Boost Pressure Control Valves

  • Brake Light Switches

  • Breather Valves, fuel tanks

  • Clocksprings, airbag

  • Control Elements, parking brake caliper

  • Control Units, fuel pumps

  • Control Units, electric fan

  • Control Units, glow plug system

  • Control Units, heating/ventilation

  • Controls Stalks, indicators

  • Controls, blending flap

  • Controls, headlight range adjustment

  • Coolers, exhaust gas recirculation

  • Distributor Caps

  • Dosing Modules, urea injection

  • EGR Modules

  • EGR Valves

  • Fuel Feed Units

  • Fuel Pumps

  • Hazard Light Switches

  • High Pressure Pumps

  • Idle Control Valves, air supply

  • Ignition Coils

  • Injection Units, soot/particulate filter regeneration

  • Injectors

  • Interior Blowers

  • Knock Sensors

  • Lambda Sensors

  • NOx Sensors, NOx Catalyst

  • Oil Pressure Switches

  • Pressure Converters

  • Pressure Switches, air conditioning

  • Regulators, passenger compartment fan

  • Relays, glow plug system

  • Resistors, interior blower

  • Secondary Air Pumps

  • Sender Units, fuel tank

  • Sender Units, interior temperature

  • Sensors Rings, ABS

  • Sensors, boost pressure

  • Sensors, crankshaft pulse

  • Sensors, fuel pressure

  • Sensors, intake manifold pressure

  • Sensors, accelerator pedal position

  • Sensors, camshaft position

  • Sensors, coolant temperature

  • Sensors, crankshaft pulse

  • Sensors, engine oil level

  • Sensors, exhaust gas temperature

  • Sensors, exhaust pressure

  • Sensors, headlight range adjustment

  • Sensors, intake air temperature

  • Sensors, parking distance control

  • Sensors, throttle position

  • Sensors, wheel speed

  • Sensors, Xenon light (headlight range adjustment)

  • Steering Column Switches

  • Switch Unitd, ignition system

  • Switches, clutch control

  • Switches, headlight

  • Switches, mirror adjustment

  • Switches, reverse light

  • Switches, window regulator

  • Temperature Switches, radiator fan

  • Throttle bodys

  • Washer Fluid Jets, headlight cleaning

  • Washer Fluid Jets, windscreen

  • Water Pumps, headlight cleaning

  • Water Pumps, parking heater

  • Water Pumps, window cleaning

  • Wiper Switches

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