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With brake pads and brake discs from Metzger Autoteile you are driving safely.


Brake pads and brake discs – competence from one source
Original branded goods in highest precision with attractive prices

Inspected, tested and certified quality and in addition the comfort and joy of driving using high technology and harmonised components. Ideal brake values from the first moment in every situation and a long life expectancy – trust in Metzger Autoteile.



» Brake pads

  • best damping characteristic through RMR damping sheets

  • mounting plate is connected mechanically with the friction pad

  • composition and is thereby ensuring a high sheer strength

  • a special intermediate layer is providing thermal resilience, high
    comfort behaviour and lower noise level

  • complete package with all relevant mounting parts

  • ECE R-90 certificated

» Brake discs

  • all discs with cross-grinding and coating for long lasting corrosion   protection

  • huge percentage of high carbon discs for maximum safety, 
    minimised vibrations and improved driving comfort 

  • high thermal resilience

  • required clamping bolt is included

  • safety tested

  • Furthermore we sell brake discs of AP (production Brembo) with fixing bolts, new UV lacquer coat for the best corrosion prevention and in high-carbon execution.

» Brake shoes, brake drums

  • hydraulics and brake shoe sets

  • We offer products all around the drum brake, including the pre-assembled brake shoes and complete kits with cylinder and accessory kits even for actual models.

» Brake hoses
We offer a comprehensive program from European manufacturing for all relevant European and Asian vehicles.

» Bowden cables
From Cofle - the European market leader and one of our suppliers from the very beginning who supplies, among the rest, Porsche, Maserati, Lamborghini and Ferrari in original equipment. 
Our product range includes 1200 positions of brakecables, clutch cables
and accelerator cables and tacho shafts.

» Accessory kits for brake shoes and brake pads
The extensive program contains beside accessory kits, also repair kits for brake calipers as well as assortment boxes with small parts and brake lines.

  • Accelerator Cables

  • Accessory Kits, brake shoe

  • Accessory Kits, disc brake pad

  • Accessory Kits, parking brake shoe

  • Brake Calipers

  • Brake Discs

  • Brake Hoses

  • Brake Mounting Plates

  • Brake Pad Sets, disc brake

  • Brake Shoe Sets

  • Brake Shoe Sets, parking brake

  • Cables, manual transmission

  • Cables, parking brake

  • Clutch Cables

  • Guide Sleeve Kits, brake caliper

  • Master Cylinders, brake

  • Master Cylinders, clutch

  • Splash Panels, brake disc

  • Tacho Shafts

  • Warning Contacts, brake pad wear

  • Wheel Brake Cylinders

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