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work with the next generation at Metzger Autoteile

For many years we as a training company have been using the sustainability in our team and educate the “offspring” of high quality.

"Every proposal will be considered and

listened to with respect."

My name is Lyaisan Sutemgenova,

I am currently in my second period of training as a wholesale and foreign trade clerk (shortened training) at METZGER AUTOTEILE.


It was important for me to be able to prove my language skills abroad after my degree.


At Werner Metzger GmbH, trainees are also given the opportunity and are even encouraged to express their own opinion, find solutions in problematic situations and contribute their own corporate ideas. Every proposal will be considered and listened to with respect. I believe that this treatment is very important and hope that it is possible in many companies.


In the company, a lot of value is placed on respectful teamwork. The experienced colleagues always have an open ear to support the training.  I really appreciate that a lot.


„to take my opportunity of the three-year apprenticeship as a warehouse specialist”

My name is Anas Ruhban and I fled from Syria. Here in Germany I learned that without a good apprenticeship it is hard to find a good job.

That's why I successfully completed an entry qualification at Metzger Autoteile from March to September.

In September 2017 I was able to start an apprenticeship at Metzger as a warehouse specialist and want to take my opportunity of the three-year apprenticeship.

I was immediately accepted into the team so that I could soon work independently and responsibly. I experienced assistance and competence in every department. At all times I get the full support of my team colleagues, who are always ready to listen to me.


My goal is to successfully complete the apprenticeship and then get a permanent position at Metzger Autoteile.



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